Getting your child vaccinated against COVID-19: A video series and resource guides

TASP created 3 videos and accompanying resource guides to make sure all parents have the correct information to make their own decisions about getting their child vaccinated against COVID-19.  This video series and resource guides were created to provide simple, plain language information for parents with IDD.   It was developed by members of the TASP Advocacy Committee, including self-advocate parents.
You can watch the videos in order, or use just the one you need.


Thank you to SABE and SARTAC for their support of this project.

Should I get my child vaccinated against COVID-19? What should I know?

This video and resource guide will help you learn about COVID-19. It will tell you what it is an how it spreads. It will talk about how a vaccine keeps people safe. It will talk about the vaccine for children. 

Where and how to get the COVID-19 vaccine appointment for your child.

This video and resource guide will help you learn about where you can get a COVID-19 vaccine for your child, age 5-18. It will tell you how to make the appointment. It will tell you what to expect when you go.

Preparing your child for the COVID-19 vaccine: How to make the visit less stressful.

This video and resource guide will offer tips and tricks for getting your child ready for the COVID-19 vaccine. It will tell you what to expect. It will tell you how to talk to your child. It will make the visit less stressful.

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Looking for more information about COVID-19?

We have compiled a list of websites and resources that have meaningful and helpful information about COVID-19.  Most of the sites have information specific to people with disabilities and/or chronic medical conditions, and many offer plain-language resources.  

  • TASP’s plain-language guide on Ways to Keep You and Your Family Safe Right Now:
  • Written Resources in plain language
    • Green Mountain Self-Advocates have lots of great resources, including:
      • Plain-language booklets on COVID-19 created for people with disabilities by people with disabilities.  English Booklet HERE,  Spanish Booklet HERE, and now available in 11 languages HERE
      • Words to Know About the Cornoavirus in Plain Language HERE
      • Tips For Working With Support Staff During COVID-19. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities wrote these tips: HERE
    • The Arc Maryland’s Coronavirus resource guide in plain language. Updates include information on emergency preparedness, staying safe outside, and grocery shopping tips. Check it out HERE
    • Assortment of resources related to coronavirus from National Health Law Program and their partners, including information on COVID-19 and Medicaid that may be helpful for anyone advocating for families who have MA: HERE
  • Video Resources
    • Learn all about COVID-19 in this plain language video Made by Rooted in Rights in collaboration with ASAN. HERE
  • Resources for you and your children:
    • Pediatric Therapeutic Services plain language COVID-19 information: PTS-Coronavirus-Story-1
    • Manuela Molena Cruz has written the CoviBook: a short, simple book to explain coronavirus, available in 21 languages: HERE
    • From Zero to Three, page includes resources for families, including age-appropriate responses to common questions, a guide to self-care, and activities for young children experiencing social distancing HERE
  • Websites with helpful information