TASP has gathered some important articles, curricula, tools and videos to help practitioners support parents with intellectual disabilities. The education committee is working on a more extensive listing.  Additional articles can be found in the Advocacy section of the TASP web page.


  • Fact Sheet:  Parents with Intellectual Disability

This article uses a question and answer format to provide basic information about parents with intellectual disabilities and their need for support

  • Enhancing Social Connectedness of Mothers with ID

This article describes how to engage mothers with intellectual disabilities in a shared social group that feels safe and provides opportunities for learning. A study by David McConnell, PhD; Maurice Feldman, PhD; Marjorie Aunos, PhD and Laura Pacheco, MSW

  • The Intersection of Child Welfare and Disability – Focus on Children

This newsletter provides a comprehensive set of articles that explore challenges and solutions for supporting parents with intellectual disabilities.

  • New Ways of Thinking About Parents with Intellectual Disabilities

This article describes how attitudes and approaches to supporting parents with intellectual disabilities have changed. The author makes several recommendations for best practice.

  • Success Stories in Parenting with Intellectual Disability

These case studies are based on actual cases. Participating families have given consent for their stories to be shared.


Tools & Curricula

  • Change

Find easy-to-read “how-to” booklets for parents with intellectual disabilities.

  • Parenting in Pictures

Access photos that show how to parent in pictures – a support for parents with Intellectual Disabilities.

  • Simple Home Fixes

Find strategies for organizing a home to make parenting easier for parents with disabilities.

  • Enabling Parenting with Support – Effective Working with Parents with Learning Disabilities

This training pack will help managers to assure that staff have the knowledge and skills needed to support parents with learning disabilities.

  • Supporting Families When Parents Have Intellectual Disability

This curricula can be used to build your agency’s capacity to support parents with intellectual disabilities. Although the material is dated (2002) many people in the field still describe it as “helpful.”

  • Supporting Parents with Disabilities: Resource Binder

This binder contains a comprehensive of practical resources and articles that may be helpful in supporting parents with disabilities.



  • A Fair Chance

Ideal for in-service training, workshops and seminars on topics of disability.

  • Prevention – Supporting Parents with Developmental Disabilities

This interview with a parent with intellectual disabilities describes what is helpful in family support.

  • Working with Parents Who Have Cognitive Limitations

This evidence-based curriculum provides guidance to teachers, nurses and social service providers in working with parents who have cognitive limitations.


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