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This project is jointly funded by a grant to TASP from the Child and Family Services Administration, and Developmental Disabilities Administration in Washington, DC.  The SPDC project provides peer-navigation services to families in which parents have intellectual and other learning difficulties in the DC area. Bernadette Irwin coordinates the project and may be reached through the TASP email on this website.

The SUCCESSFUL PARENTING – DC program purpose:  (1) develop a curriculum used to teach parenting skills to DC parents with ID who are receiving services from CFSA and DDA, by building on the parents’ strengths; (2) hire, train and provide on-going supervision and training to 5 grass-roots Parent Educators/Peer Navigators (individuals with lived experience with a disability or the parent/care giver of an individual with a disability) for family-support purposes and lastly; (3) conduct quarterly trainings for CFSA and DDA professionals who work with DC parents with ID.

The curriculum includes the (1) Step by Step Child Care:  A Manual for Parents and Child-Care Provider by Maurice A. Feldman, Ph.D., of Brock University, Ontario, Canada, and (2)  Health and Wellness Program:  A Parenting Curriculum for Families at Risk by Alexander Tymchuk  (developed while he was at UCLA). Additional teaching materials are used, to meet the unique cultural and learning needs of each family.  All parent trainings are individualized to meet the unique needs of each family.

TASP’s President, Susan Yuan, Ph.D., developed the concept of Peer Navigation through a 5-year Family Support 360 Project funded by the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  Because of the unparalleled success of that project in enabling parents to retain custody of their children, SUCCESSFUL PARENTING – DC will integrate the Navigator role with that of parent educator.  Five grass-roots Parent Educator/Peer Navigators will be recruited and hired for these positions.


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