TASP Training: Working Successfully with Parents with I/DD

TASP is excited to announce a new training opportunity for agencies and organizations: Working Successfully with Parents with I/DD.  The training is designed to build upon helping professionals’ skills when working with families where the parents have intellectual disabilities and/or development disability.  While our initial plan was to make this training available in-person starting in the fall of 2020, the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has made that impossible to do safely.  To keep everyone safe at home, we are hoping to offer it in person at a later date, but for now, have put our effort in to making it available virtually.  We know this option may work better for lots of people anyways, and may expand our audience and reach, so we are excited to be able to pivot to an online model.

The goal and the content have not changed at all, just the delivery model.  And while we believe in-person is ideal for this training (as with most in-depth training), we are all more familiar and comfortable with Zoom, and we are confident we can offer the same level of training virtually.

The goal of the training is to assist professionals to make reasonable accommodations in the services they provide for parents with intellectual disabilities. How do you modify your skill set to better service parent(s) with an intellectual and/or developmental disability?  It is by making reasonable accommodations to the way services are provided that we give parents a fair chance to succeed in keeping or regaining custody of their children.

In this training you will gain with basic knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the definition of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD), and why it’s necessary for all people working with families to understand that parents with ID/DD have rights under the Americans with Disability Act and may not be discriminated against on the basis of disability.

Most importantly, the training will give you a chance to practice making accommodations for parents through:

  • Recognizing the Parent’s Learning Style and Needs
  • Setting Goals that are Reasonable, Realistic and Fair
  • Identifying the Action Steps to Meet the Goals
  • Selecting the Most Appropriate Strategy to Teach the Learning Tasks
  • Selecting an Appropriate Measurement to Evaluate the Parent’s Success.
  • Recognizing Rewarding Incremental Success

The training is designed for professionals who have beginning helping skills but who are not sure how to make reasonable accommodations for parents with ID.   Individuals attending the training should have a background in working with families.  This includes, but is certainly not limited to attorneys, social workers, nurses, health care professionals, public health professionals, school system workers, case workers, case managers, DD system workers, early intervention, and more!  We find the training is most interesting and engaging when people from all backgrounds attend, so if you have any questions about who can/should attend let us know.

This is what has changed!  For now, we are offering this training ALL VIRTUAL via Zoom.  It will remain interactive, with virtual breakout rooms, individual and small group work, input and feedback, and more.  We promise to keep you engaged and excited!

We will begin offering the online training in January 2021 (first date TBD).  The in-person training is typically one full day, but knowing that virtual learning can be tedious, the virtual training will be offered over two afternoons.  This will also allow us to accommodate people in different time zones across the country.  It will be live with our trainer, interactive, and informative!

The training will be open to anyone (people at same agencies, different agencies, anywhere in the world).  Refer to the “Who should attend this training” section to see if the training would be a good fit for you, and if you are not sure, send us an email.  To keep it engaging and interactive, the training will be limited to 20 people, so keep your eye out for the finalized date and links to sign up, and don’t delay when it comes out!

The online training will be open to anyone and multiple people from one agency can attend.  If you have more than a few people you want to have trained and are interested in scheduling a training just for people from your agency, reach out and let us know.  We are able to schedule a training just for you, on a date convenient for you, and can be flexible in how it’s delivered (one day, two days, or more).  We do require that you have between 10-20 people you want trained.  Reach out to find out more and get a cost specific to your agency’s needs.

Due to the format of the training, the level of engagement required, and the small group work that takes place, the training is best suited for groups of 10-20 people.  If you have more (or less) people to be trained, please reach out and we will work to accommodate your needs.

The cost of the training, which includes a TASP trainer coming to your agency, varies depending on your location and needs.  We will work with you to develop a budget based on your needs, and if the cost is prohibitive for your agency we can discuss options with you.  Some agencies have applied for grants to bring the training to them!

TASP is a leading nonprofit committed to successfully supporting families when parents have an intellectual disability.  Our trainers hold a variety of degrees and hail from a variety of backgrounds, allowing for unique perspectives from the field.  TASP’s trainers have spent a cumulative 150 years in the field of supported parenting and have firsthand experience in the work.  Most importantly, they are all strongly committed to supporting families when parents have intellectual disabilities to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, income, background or learning difficulties has a chance to parent.

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