TASP is proud to recognize the contributions of leading scholars and their seminal research on parents with learning disabilities (this international term includes parents with intellectual disabilities). If you are interested in sharing information on your research on parents with ID through TASP, contact us at: info@achancetoparent.net

Dr. Maurice Feldman

Dr. Sandy Azar

Applied Disability Studies

Brock University

Professor of Psychology

Penn State

Dr. Gwynnyth Llewellyn

Dr. Elizabeth Lightfoot

Professor Llewelyn

The University of Sydney

Professor in Public Policy

School of Social Work

Dr. David McConnell

Dr. Alexander J. Tymchuk

Professor of  Rehabilitation

Medicine, Occupational Therapy

Dr. Tymchuk pioneered research in the field of parents with intellectual disabilities in the United States at the University of California at Los Angeles. Dr. Tymchuk played a pivotal role in the initiatives that led to the creation of TASP. He is now retired.

Traci LaLiberte

Dr. Marjorie Aunos

Executive Director

School of Social Work
University of Minnesota Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare


International Association for Scientific Study of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

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