Mom with a disability fights to keep her child – Aljazeera interview with Dr. Susan Yuan

Alice’s story is one of heartbreak. This video story told by Aljazeera highlights the lack of trained child protection staff working with parents with disabilities as well as the general lack of resources available to help parents. Dr. Susan Yuan speaks to the need of child protection to learn better ways to help parents build their skills. She needed to build both her skills and her confidence … You figure out how to teach them.”  To read more about the Aljazeera article, click here.

3 thoughts on “Mom with a disability fights to keep her child – Aljazeera interview with Dr. Susan Yuan

  1. Alice Goltz is a neighbor of mine and she shared a print version of the article with me this morning. I’ve known Alice for around five years or so now. Although Alice was described as being “stubborn” (which is not necessarily a bad thing either) and that “she may seem outwardly difficult”, I would describe Alice as being a rather determined as well as focused person and I have never found her to be “outwardly difficult” either. Instead, I have always found her to be neighborly, caring and compassionate. Am pleased to have her as both a neighbor and a friend. In my opinion, if given the chance and provided with the training, supports and service that you, Susan Yuan, spoke about being needed in her circumstances, I agree that Alice would definitely make a fit as well as loving parent in all regards. It is deeply troubling that she has been denied this role.

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