About TASP

TASP is a leading nonprofit committed to successfully supporting families when parents have learning difficulties.
Our Cause Defines Us

We know that lasting individual and social change come about when we work together to achieve a common goal. That’s why, supporting families when parents have intellectual disabilities is our cause. Every day we work side-by-side with researchers, practitioners, and self-advocates to assure that everyone, regardless of age, income, background or learning difficulties has a chance to parent.

A Chance to Parent

With a focus on research, education and service, TASP works to build the capacity of communities and families to support parents with learning difficulties.

We believe that the population of families in which one or more parents have an intellectual disability has not only been under-served, but discriminated against and repeatedly denied a chance to parent.

We are a relatively new non-profit but are mighty in our learning and commitment to ensuring that information, support and resources are available to all.

How We Do It

World-wide efforts are under-way to provide parents with intellectual disabilities with a chance to parent. TASP brings together some of the most knowledgeable and committed professionals and self-advocates to help YOU make a difference.

  • Demonstrate parent navigator models
  • Provide national conferences to access best-practice
  • Provide webinars and technical assistance to build capacity
  • Use our website and social media to advocate for system change

TASP has enabled an international community of researchers, providers and self-advocates to come together to share efforts to improve outcomes for parents with intellectual disabilities.  Our membership is growing and we are currently inviting new members to get involved and providing you with a way to that.

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