The work of TASP cannot be accomplished without our Board of Directors and committees.   Each committee is made up of a Chair representing the Board of Directors and other TASP members. If you would like to be on a committee, please contact us.

Current committees and committee priorities include:

Executive Committee

Lise Schellman, Chair

Priorities include:

  • Oversight
  • Procedures/governance
  • Administrative support
  • Nominations for board
  • Committee leadership
  • Bylaws- review, propose changes
  • Approvals
  • Sustainability
  • Hiring
  • Organizational policy
  • Project management
  • Letters of support
  • Job descriptions
  • Calling meetings and setting agendas

Education Committee

Lise Schellman, Chair

Priorities include:

  • Training
  • Conference
  • Website content
  • Webinar content
  • Presentations
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Educational materials
  • Production of E-news
  • Sharing policy info

Advocacy Committee

Susan Yuan and Bernadette Irwin, Co-Chairs

Priorities include:

  • Outreach
  • Parent engagement
  • Updates
  • Networking/cross disability advocacy
  • Progress in legal policy

Development Committee

Betsy Misch, Chair

Priorities include:

  • Membership
  • Technology
  • Outreach
  • Shared projects
  • Fund raising
  • Website/social media maintenance
  • Database development and maintenance
  • Cultural competency and diversity
  • International focus

Finance Committee

Cathy Haarstad, Chair

Priorities include:

  • Accounting
  • Financial reporting
  • Dues/revenue
  • Budgets
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Audits
  • Benefits
  • Facility management
  • Related staff or services

Leadership Committee

Lindsay Brillhart and Tom Robinson, Co-Chairs

Priorities include:

  • Advocacy for parent self advocates
  • Recruitment, orientation and engagement of self advocates
  • Advisory to TASP re: values/philosophy/mission
  • Presentations/networking
  • Peer education and support
  • Liaison to TASP committee


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