An Ark within the ARC

An Ark within the ARC
By Lindsay B. TASP Member 

It has been told that a man named Noah built a huge ark to protect animals and his family from the great flood. Fortunately, the ARC of Hamilton County had been my ark as well as the ark for many other people.

The ARC of Hamilton County has been a light for people in Hamilton County whose voice may have never been heard, let alone being noticed. The ARC has helped citizens of Hamilton County be responsible, productive citizens. They treat us like people. I know this because I am not only a board member, I am also a client.

I have a ten year old girl, Julianna; a 13 year old baby, Sara Ann; and I have a fiancé, Phil. I cook; take care of kids, clean up our home, and do everyday tasks that everyone else does. Before Sara was born, I also had a job. The ARC, through its resources, enabled me to do all of this. In addition, I also am on the board of TASP (The Association for Successful Parenting).

There are some fond memories that I have of the Arc. One was when I was working at a hole during a golf outing. And, the only time a hole in one was made on the entire course was made on my hole.

Another memory is the Dancing With the Arc gala. It was a great time to see old friends, meet new friends, listen to some great music, and eat some delicious meals. And, if one was lucky, they could go home with a great prize from the raffle.

The best memory, however, will be how the ARC empowered me. It gave me the confidence, and expertise, to do the things I do as a housewife and mother. Without their support, I do not know if I could have handled it.

The ARC has been an ark for me. However, as this chapter closes and a new one starts, let us not forget what the ARC has been to Hamilton County. Let us not forget the positive reinforcement it gave us, nor forget how they believed in us when no one else would. Let us go forward as stronger, independent people and community, using what the ARC has taught us as a basis.

One thought on “An Ark within the ARC

  1. This was an important resource and support for you — so sorry that it is no longer available. Is there another agency near by that can provide support and resources for you?

    We know from research that support is so important for families…..

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