Julie Clockston, Director

Member, Education and Development Committees

Julie has a Master of Science in Social Work and is currently a Doctor of Social Work candidate, working on her dissertation, which is specific to the population of parents who have a developmental disability and/or intellectual disability.  The purpose of her study is to give parents and professionals who work with them a voice, and to bring awareness, enhance what is working, and create positive interventions specifically in the education of professionals. Julie has years of direct experience working with individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities, and currently Julie provides individual and group psychotherapy in her private practice, and is also the Co-Founder of SOAR Colorado, which provides developmental and intellectual disability services to support individuals and enable social access to the community.

Nicole BrissonVice President

Chair, Education Committee and Conference Subcommittee

Dr. Nicole Brisson is the owner and director of Sage Haven Associates, a private practice that provides consultation, training, and assessment services to meet the needs of parents and children with disabilities involved in the child welfare system. Dr. Brisson is a licensed mental health counselor and holds a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in psychology and specialization in intellectual and developmental disabilities. She developed and taught a course at the University of Vermont on child welfare and parental disability and holds a consulting and assessment contract with the Vermont Department for Children and Families.  Dr. Brisson testifies in court and conducts competence-based parenting evaluations for parents with disabilities throughout the country.  She was named as a nationally recognized expert in assessing parents with disabilities by the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services.  Her work was cited in their joint letter regarding the investigation of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, which in turn resulted in the release of a technical assistance report to child welfare agencies nationwide regarding the rights of parents with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Lindsay Brillhart, Secretary

Member, Executive, Advocacy, Development, Education and Finance Committees

Lindsay is a mom of 2 girls. She is a strong self-advocate for her kids and others. She has (formally) worked with the ARC of Hamilton County and Hamilton County Developmental Disability Services. She currently resides in Cincinnati with her 2 kids Julianna 16, and Sara 4 and her partner Phil. She was once on the People First of Ohio board. She is a Partners in Policy graduate. She is also a graduate of PATHS (Providing Alternative Thinking Strategies).  In her spare time, she loves to travel and to meet new people.

Cathy Haarstad, Treasurer

Chair, Finance Committee; Member, Executive Committee; Member, Development Committee

Cathy is a Research Associate at the ND Center for Persons with Disabilities. She has over 30 years of experiences in supporting adults with developmental disabilities, some of whom, choose to parent. Cathy is also the parent of an adult with developmental disabilities. She has extensive experience in family support, behavior intervention, special education and community services for persons who have significant support needs related to intellectual disabilities. She has served on the TASP board for approximately one year.

Sue Jones, Senior Director

Member, Executive, Education, and Finance Committees

Sue is a  Program Director at The Arc United, Turners Falls,, MA and former Co-President of TASP. For the past 32 years, Sue has specialized in supporting parents with intellectual disabilities. She has also worked with individuals with disabilities as a recreational therapist, employment specialist, case manager, family advocate and administrator. She holds a BS in rehabilitation from Springfield College and a master’s level certificate in parenting education from Wheelock College. Sue founded the New England Coalition for Supporting Parents with Cognitive Challenges and is a principal founder and former co-president of The Association for Supported Parenting. She is currently the Program Director of Family and Youth Services Department at The United Arc. Under that department, there are two programs. The Family Support program provides services to families with a family member living with a disability by providing service navigation, in home supports, family lead services, intensive case management, caregiver groups and parent training, financial assistance and social and recreational opportunities. The other program Positive Parenting provides a variety of comprehensive parenting education, support programs and services to parents with learning differences. This program also provides Youth supports for youth receiving services from The Department of Children and Families and provides volunteer opportunities as well as kinship supports. She has conducted training throughout country. For the last several years she has been contracted through The Children’s Trust Fund of Massachusetts and The Department of Children and Families to present training across the state focusing on working with parents with intellectual disabilities.

Virginia CruzVirginia Cruz, MSW, DSW, Director

Member, Education Committees

Ginny is semi-retired from the Metropolitan State University of Denver.  She has worked in the area of developmental disabilities for over 30 years. At UCLA Center for the Health Sciences, the Neuropsychiatric Hospital, she was a therapist and had the privilege of evaluating and treating children, adolescents, parents and their families with developmental disabilities as a LCSW. She is grateful to these families who were the best teachers about the ways to support individuals with intellectual disabilities. She was Chair of the Department of Social Work at the Metropolitan State University of Denver from 1992 to 2011 and added course content on developmental disabilities to the BSW and MSW programs. She was the Director of the MSW Program from 2009 to 2012 and continues teaching, training and researching the intersectionality of child welfare and developmental disabilities.

Tom Robinson, Director

Member, Education Committee

Tom is the Director of Thomas Robinson Consulting, Ltd., founded in 1994, which provides individualized services in home communities through a family-centered team approach that promotes inclusion for individuals with developmental delays or disabilities in Northwest British Columbia, Canada.  He has worked with services for people who have developmental disabilities for over 30 years, including work in residential services, vocational programs, family support and respite, recreational/ leisure services, college instruction and regional health promotion.

Auguste Elliott, Director,

Member, Education and Development Committees

Auguste holds a PhD in Psychology, and currently serves as the Senior Director, Clinical, Training & Evaluation Services, at Easter Seals Vermont.   In that position, Auguste is responsible for statewide training of all contracted providers of family-centered practices for Department for Children and Families Vermont, supervision of psychologists and clinicians providing clinical consultation to staff, supervision of child-parent psychotherapists, and program evaluation projects.  In addition, she continues her work as a therapist with families, in their homes, while training coaches around the country.  She is particularly interested in “how we can better capture the technologies which can be so intrusive and even dangerous, to serve parents with challenges.”

Ivanova Smith, Director

Ivanova Smith is Self-Advocate leader in Washington State. They work as activist advocate for Atwork! and University of Washington LEND program Self Advocacy Faculty. They also are involved in several self-advocacy organizations, People First of Washington, SAIL and Allies in Advocacy. They passionate in make sure all people with Intellectual and developmental disabilities are given access to all aspect to American life. Working, having friendships in community, marriage and children. Ivanova Is happily married and has two-year-old little girl Alexandra. Ivanova is passionate making sure all parents with IDD get right and supports in parenting.

Frank Gilliand, Director

Member, Education and Advocacy Committees

Frank is a self-advocate and father of a 22-year-old son.  He has many life experiences as a father with an intellectual disability.   Frank brings many skills to TASP, including membership growth, outreach and advocacy, leadership development, education and instruction, and parent education.

Susan Yuan

Susan Yuan, Ph.D,  Senior Board Member

Chair, Executive Committee; Co-Chair, Advocacy Committee; Member, Education and Advocacy Committees

Susan has worked in the field of developmental disabilities since the birth of her son, Andreas, 44 years ago. She was the Associate Director of the Center on Disability and Community Inclusion, Vermont’s UCEDD, until 2008, when she retired from the University, and established her consulting firm, Yuan & Associates. Dr. Yuan conducts training on culture and disability, inclusion, family support, and parents with disabilities. She assists in grant-writing, conducts program evaluations, and carries out competence-based parenting skills assessments in collaboration with the Vermont Parent Assessment Team at Sage Haven Associates, LLC.

Betsy Misch, Director

Chair, Development Committee

Betsy Misch has been involved with the disability community for over 40 years. She attended school at the University of Massachusetts and graduated with a BA in Human Service. Currently she holds the position of Program Manager for The United Arc Family and Youth Services Program. In this role, Betsy promotes the rights of parents who are living with a disability through community collaboration, training, advocacy, and outreach. Growing up with a sister living with a disability and working in the field for over two decades, Betsy has spent the entirety of her personal and professional life advocating for the rights of individuals living with disabilities.

Betsy has been providing training on the topic of parenting while living with intellectual disability for the past 15 years. Betsy has provided training to The MA Department of Children and Families, The University of Massachusetts Psychological and Brain Sciences studies department, and The Children’s Trust of Massachusetts.

Bernadette Irwin, Senior Director

Co-Chair, Advocacy Committee; Member, Executive Committee, Education Committee

Bernadette was one of the founders of TASP and served as Co-President for several years.  Bernadette founded the Mid-Atlantic Coalition for Supporting Parents with Intellectual Disabilities, which conducted three successful National conferences held in Baltimore, MD under her leadership, prior to the founding of TASP.

Bernadette has conducted training nationally and internationally and presented at Conferences on working more effectively with parents who have intellectual disabilities.

Bernadette worked for 30+ years with children with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families.  She worked at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, Family Support Services for 28 years before retiring in 2015.  She also administered Maryland’s only Supported Parenting program, Growing Together, during her years at Kennedy Krieger.

Most recently, Bernadette was the Program Director of SUCCESSFUL PARENTING – DC. (SP-DC) SP-DC is a co-funded project between the DC Developmental Disabilities Administration and the DC Child and Family Services Administration (Child Welfare).  The Peer Navigator model was used to provide services to families who were receiving services from both these systems.  The model focused on planning, family safety, crisis prevention and support.  The Peer Navigation model ensured that the interventionists were familiar with the DC disability culture and DC resources while relying on their personal experiences as individuals with a disability themselves or as a caregiver for a family member with disabilities

Bernadette has a BA from The Pennsylvania State University in Human Development and Family Studies and an MA from McDaniel College in Human Services Management.

Heidi Haines, Director

Member Advocacy and Finance Committees

Heidi is the Director of Advocacy of The Arc of Colorado and also serves as an advisor to SABE, the National self-advocacy organization for people with developmental disabilities. Heidi is a 2017 graduate of the National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities at the University of Delaware Advanced Leadership Institute. Heidi is also a 2016 graduate of the William & Mary Law Institute of Special Education Advocacy. Heidi served as a technology navigation fellow for The Arc of The United States in 2015 and 2016. Heidi has long demonstrated a passion for disability rights, an understanding of the critical issues, and the desire to collaborate with a wide range of advocacy and community groups in the state of Colorado and nationwide.

John Susa Director, Emeritus

Alexander Tymchuk Director, Emeritus

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