Past Award Recipients


Sue Jones
Sue was given this award for her Leadership in supporting parents with disabilities. Sue is a  Program Director at The Arc United, Turners Falls,, MA and former Co-President of TASP. For the past 32 years, Sue has specialized in supporting parents with intellectual disabilities. She has also worked with individuals with disabilities as a recreational therapist, employment specialist, case manager, family advocate and administrator.

Denice Mock
Denice received this award as an Emerging Leader in supporting parents with disabilities. Denice is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a BS Degree in Family Consumer Nutrition Science and an emphasis in Social Services, a Master’s Degree in Social Work through Aurora University and a Doctorate in Social Work through Aurora University.  Denice is the current Director of the Parenting with Promise Program in Illinois.


Art Atwell
Art received this award for his leadership in the field of supported parenting, advancement of state-wide training for practitioners and for his on-going support of TASP over the years.

Barbara Nadeau
Barb won this award in recognition of her work as an Emerging Leader.  Barbara served as one of two expert trainers in the field of Executive Functioning for the Connecticut Work Group.

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