Member Benefits

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Membership, at the applicable fee, is open to individuals interested in enhancing the well-being of at-risk parents with learning differences and their children. Members should share TASP values and be interested in furthering our mission to support parents with an intellectual disability or cognitive impairment and the people that support them.  TASP members honor family autonomy and self-determination; and encourage natural supports, community acceptance and inclusion.

Member Benefits

  • Each member has one vote in TASP related elections, polls, or votes.
  • Members are part of a collaborative community of parents, researchers, social workers, support providers and advocates working together so that families can succeed.
  • Members are invited to participate in a variety of webinars over the year. Introductory topics will be offered free of charge; advanced topics will be available for a small fee.
  • Members receive information about other educational opportunities including upcoming regional conferences, workshops or trainings
  • Members receive latest news in advocacy and ongoing system change to achieve social justice for parents with learning differences and their children.
  • Members are welcome to participate in TASP Annual Meetings, TASP Committees and be a part of other functions of the organization.
  • Members may have the opportunity to participate in efforts to raise quality standards in assessment, training, service and research.

Terms of Membership
The term of membership shall be October 1 to September 30.

TASP Members shall support the mission and purpose of the Association. To remain in good standing, every member shall pay dues annually. Dues must be received by October 1st to retain voting and other membership privileges. Members are encouraged to participate fully in any Membership Meetings, and to remain as involved as possible in the organization.


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