“We are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of at-risk parents with learning difficulties and their children.  This primarily includes parents who may be identified as persons with intellectual disabilities or borderline intellectual functioning”

We know that:

  • Family life is complex
  • All families need support and rely on interdependent networks
  • Separation from parents is  in the best interest of children only when reasonable efforts and appropriate services cannot ensure a child’s safety and health
  • Termination of the parental relationship  should not be based upon a parent’s disability alone
  • Our expertise and resources may also benefit parents with other cognitive challenges and the people who support them

Key Roles:

  • Facilitate community partnerships and networking
  • Offer training opportunities
  • Advocate for system change & social justice
  • Partner with self-advocates
  • Promote evidence-based parenting skills assessment
  • Develop/endorse evidence-based training curricula
  • Honor family autonomy, self-determination and strengths
  • Encourage natural supports, community acceptance and inclusion
  • Support the use of individualized evidence-based practices
  • Consult with partners in child welfare, early intervention, education, health care, disability services, family law and support
  • Establish quality standards in assessment, training, service and research
  • Promote and conduct research

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