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WASHINGTON, DC – The Association for Successful Parenting (TASP) has received an award from the D.C. Child and Family Services Agency and D.C. Department on Disability Services (DDS) to serve parents with intellectual disabilities. The purpose of the award is twofold; to serve families involved with CFSA and DDS, as well as to train social workers and others who work with them.

The multiyear project called “Successful Parenting – DC” has the capacity to serve up to 30 families that are simultaneously involved with both CFSA and DDS. TASP will also train up to 500 professionals to support and strengthen parenting skills of parents with intellectual disabilities. Bernadette Irwin, a member of the ao Strategies Team Alliance, will be the project manager.

“We are thrilled to have received this opportunity to help parents with special needs in the District child welfare system and to work with CFSA and DDS,” stated Dr. Susan Yuan, Ph.D., President of TASP’s Board.

TASP asserts that family life is complex and that all families – including those with disabilities – need support and rely on interdependent networks. While separation from parents is sometimes in the best interest of children, this should occur only when reasonable efforts and appropriate services cannot ensure a child’s safety and health. Termination of the parental relationship is an extreme measure that should not be based upon a parent’s disability alone.

TASP provides facilitation of community partnerships and networking; educational/training opportunities; advocates for ongoing system change to achieve social justice. The organization partners with self-advocates and promotes evidence-based parenting skills assessment. TASP develops and endorses evidence based curricula for training, honors family autonomy, self-determination and parent strengths, and encourages natural supports, community acceptance and inclusion. They develop individualized supports that utilize evidence-based practices, consult with partners in child welfare, early intervention, education, health care, disability services, family law and family support. TASP works within interdisciplinary teams to individualize services, establish and raise quality standards in assessment, training, services and research, and promotes and conducts research.


TASP is a nonprofit organization that has the mission of enhancing the lives of families when parents have learning difficulties. For more information, visit



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