All TASP Consultants can be reached through the TASP email at  Consultants must be members of TASP and have demonstrated excellence in service provision for people with intellectual disabilities. Consultants are available for personnel development or presentation purposes on a fee for service basis. Fees vary.

TASP will review all legitimate consultation requests and pass those on to the consultant requested or an appropriate member of the consultation team. TASP makes every effort to vet consultants listed on this site but is not responsible for the content or quality of their work or materials.

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    Areas of Expertise
    Dr. Susan Yuan, PhD. Parenting Assessment, Peer Navigation, Policy Development, Capacity Building, Advocacy

    Dr. Virginia Cruz, PhD.

    Social Services, Capacity Building, Curricula Development

    Program Development

    Dr. Nicole Brisson, PhD Parenting Assessment, Psychological Consultation in Parental Rights Cases, Service Provision


    TASP Quality Standards

    TASP consultants adhere to the highest professional standards when advising, presenting or providing technical assistance. These standards include:


    Consultants are dedicated to remaining aware of and sharing information on current legal protections for parents with intellectual disabilities. While not necessarily lawyers, consultants network with and access legal professionals doing ground-breaking work in this area.

    Separation from parents is sometimes in the best interest of children, but only when reasonable efforts and appropriate services cannot ensure a child’s safety and health

    Termination of the parental relationship is an extreme measure that should not be based upon a parent’s disability alone.


    Consultants are knowledgeable about processes for objective assessment of adequate parenting skills.

    Termination of the parental relationship should be based on an objective assessment of adequate parenting using evidence-based techniques.

    Parents with intellectual disabilities who have not had or who are receiving an assessment are not left alone with a child during the assessment period.

    Professional Conduct

    TASP consultants conduct themselves with dignity and warmth using a non-judgement demeanor and comply with all federal and state laws governing service provision in their country.

    If you would like to submit an application to be listed on this website as a TASP Consultant, please complete the TASP Consultation Application form below:

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