TASP is honored to assist Dr. Alexander Tymchuk to solicit nominees for the ALEXANDER J. TYMCHUK AWARD OF EXCELLENCE for two individuals for their work in supporting parents with intellectual disabilities.

The recipients of the 2013 Tymchuk Award were announced at the 2013 TASP International Conference.  They are as follows:

Art Atwell – the award was given to Art for his leadership in the field of supported parenting and for his on-going support of TASP over the years.  Art has had a commitment to training practitioners in the field of supporting parents with learning difficulties.  Art’s message to the audience was when individuals return to his or her home state, make sure to find out who is in charge of state-wide training in the state and let them know the importance of enhancing the workforce’s knowledge of the needs of parents with special learning needs and of the skills needed by practitioners who work with parents with learning difficulties.

Barbara Nadeau, Co-Chair of the Connecticut Parents with Cognitive Limitations Workgroup won the ATJ (spell out) award as an Emerging Leader.  Barbara has also served as one of two expert trainers in the field of Executive Functioning for the Connecticut Work Group.  She is described as an expert in technology and played a leadership role in the development of the Connecticut Parents with Cognitive Limitations Workgroup website. Barbara graciously thanked Dr. Tymchuk for the opportunity to receive the reward and thanked those who nominated her.

Alexander J. Tymchuk, Ph.D., was born in British Columbian Canada.  He received a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts focusing on the neuropsychology of cortical trauma from the University of Victoria. Dr. Tymchuk then earned a Master of Arts from the University of Western On­tario and a Doctor of Philosophy from George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, both in developmental neuropsychology.

Dr. Tymchuk almost took a postdoctoral fellowship in genetics but instead decided to work at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), in part because it offered an opportunity to work collaboratively in pediatrics, psychiatry, neurosurgery, and psychology at a major medical center.

At UCLA, Dr. Tymchuk assisted in starting a new program in childhood disorders encompassing inpatient and outpatient care, clinical training, super­vision, and academics. Dr. Tymchuk achieved tenure and full professorship, and became internationally known for his work with parents with cognitive limitations. He has uncovered and battled prejudices and discrimination while successfully building a new knowledge and service base.

Upon his early work in the field of supportive parenting, TASP and others who followed him are thankful for the solid foundation he provided in the field.  He has provided a solid foundation upon which to grow.

He truly deserves the title” Grandfather of the Supported Parenting Movement”.


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