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The Association for Successful Parenting or TASP was formed on May, 28, 2009 in Louisville Colorado.

Like any good organization, TASP has a history.  Researchers, social workers, and practitioners (both US and International) realized there was a lack of evidence-based information on how to successfully support families when parents have Intellectual Disability.

At first, many of our members were working alone, in small groups or within a single area or country. We gradually discovered other professionals and parents with intellectual disabilities who were trying to improve services. We learned from one another and became a community. We hoped to advance research, develop educational opportunities, build capacity and improve resources, service models and outcomes.

Relationships were formed, meetings were held, conferences were hosted. Continuity and quality of service was on our minds. Dedication to parents who have learning difficulties – specifically intellectual disabilities was a common theme. We realized that infrastructure and support should not end as people retired or moved to new settings or when administrative focus waned. Thus TASP as a not-for-profit organization was born.

Today, TASP Provides:

  • Semi-annual international conferences
  • A quarterly newsletter [coming soon]
  • A comprehensive website and social media presence
  • Advocacy initiatives
  • A peer-navigator project in Washington D.C.
  • Access to consultants and key researchers
  • Educational opportunities

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